Without TRAVELing one will never be able to understand the world.

And Adventures are the best way to learn to free yourself of labels and to get to love the unfamiliar.

Take a first step, than a thousand miles, stop thinking of „someday“, live everyday.

Go somewhere, than somewhere else. Move, breath, roam the roads of distant lands.

Learn to see with new eyes, adjust your ears to unusual tones, let your tongue explore unknown tastes and your nose smell the exotic scent of adventure.

Adore the majesty of the mountains, the unfathomable depth of the sea, marvel at the boundless diversity of flora & fauna, count the stars in the darkest nights and smiling faces in the sunshine.

Be speechless in the face of natures beauty and become a storyteller to spread the stories of your fellow human beings. Meet strangers, leave friends.

Feel time stand still and experience the special pace of every single place.

Explore, dream, discover. Challenge your prejudices, search for better questions…


Travel Blog

A „brief“ history of…. Bulgaria

First thing, the present: Official language of today’s Bulgaria is Bulgarian, the standard language is written in the Bulgarian Version of Cyrillic. The country has about 7.2 Millionen inhabitants of which 2011 84,8% were Bulgarians, 8,8% Turkish and according to official Bulgarian counts 4,9% Roma. Estimations of the European Parliament, however, speak of 12% Roma!! [...]

Camping in Italy

For all the campers and mobil-home drivers, here we go with the information about camping in Italy in general, tips for free pitches and campsites that we used on our trip (in order of touristic regions) and our experience with them. We stick to our own experience and observations, as you can find general information [...]

Love//Create//Travel – Weekly-Review (No 7)

We had a great time in Andalusia with families, friends and a lot of positive vibes.

Romania – Transylvania, wild mountains and unspoiled villages

After our contradictory encounters with the various Romanian Roma and the visit of such unbelievably different cities as the modern, hip Cluj-Napoca and the crazy, post-communist Hunedoara, we once again moved into the mountains. If you missed the first part of Transylvania's history, you should definitely have a look at it here ... And the [...]

Love//Create//Travel – Weekly-Review (No 6)

This week we've been to breathtaking Granada, the beautiful Pueblos Blancos and the very special rocks of El Torcal.

Love//Create//Travel – Weekly-Review (No 5)

After a short stop in Germany we're back on the road and heading to Andalucia. Here we go with some impressions...

Thessaly and Central Greece – Monasteries, mountains and everything is sooo green!!

After we’ve said good-bye to our friends with a heavy heart, we continued our trip further into the incredibly diverse center of Greece … As our Trip to Hellas came a bit surprising as we canceled our plans to visit Turkey next by short notice after the military coup in July 2016,  our research about [...]

Albania – Partnering country at the tourism exhibition CMT 2017 in Stuttgart

Albania - one of the last white pages in the travel diary of Europe, which is however increasingly filled with stories! The country, which has already been hauled into the must-visit top ten countries by guide-book giant Lonely Planet in 2011, is this year's partner country at the tourism and caravaning trade fair CMT 2017 in Stuttgart. [...]