Camping in Romania

Camping in Romania


For all the campers and mobil-home drivers,

here we go with the information about camping in Romania in general, tips for free pitches and campsites that we used on our trip (in order of touristic regions) and our experience with them.

We stick to our own experience and observations, as you can find general information about immigration, speed limits, vignette etc. easily on the internet or in the relevant literature.

At the beginning we have to mention that we are not interested in big and fancy Camping-Complexes with pool, entertainment, restaurant etc. and that we’ve spent quite some time in regions that are off the beaten track. We would always prefer a snug place somewhere in the wild to a mediocre campsite. Besides we are not depending on an external power connector because of a photovoltaic system and we’re okay with some days without showering! Correspondingly we’ve chosen our pitches.

We have reached all of the places with our Carado T132, (Fiat Ducato multijet, 5,98m lengths, 2,32m width, 2,91m height, FWD), if there were any difficulties you’re gonna find that mentioned in the text.

Concerning wild camping in Romana information is inconsistent. We didn’t have any problems and practiced it a lot. We never felt insecure and no one ever tried to chase us away, but we never settled up for more than 2-3 days or did silly things like having BBQ in the forest or similar nonsense. We observed that free camping is a common leisure time activity in Romania and consequently doesn’t seem to bother people. Anyway you can find enough official campsites of different standards in the touristic developed areas, but you cannot assume that „Camping“ means suitable for campervans and mobile-homes. Lots of the sites mainly rent small huts (Colibas/Cabanas) or only have enough space for tents! So better check! Furthermore there are pensions or B&B’s with extra space for vans and mobile-homes in their yards and most of them have a corresponding symbol on their signs. We didn’t use that possibility.

We only saw 1-2 campervans with a romanian number plate, all the others had plates from Central Europe. But you see lots of caravans (rulotăs) on meadows, fields and in the yards that probably predominantly serve as a kind of mobile flats.

In regard of road conditions you have to know that high-ways are a scarce commodity and even well-built two lane roads are rare. The predominant traffic routes are one lane country roads of decent to catastrophic condition. Off the beaten track you will have to make friends with pistes full of potholes and gravel- or dustroads, of which we passed quite a few without any major problems. But you should have in mind that sometimes you’ll have to revise the duration that’s calculated by your GPS upwards generously and be critical about the suggested route. Because even the most bumpy and holey trail counts as road and has an official number! But from our own experience we can only recommend to take these roads as well, because you are gonna see and experience quite a lot!


Ok, here we go:



Carei, Str. Grădina Viilor nr. 4, N 47° 40’ 19“ E 22° 27’ 15“

Telefon: +40 744 923 681


Price 05/2016: 15€ with electricity

They mainly rent wooden huts, but Campervans are welcome too.
Narrow entrance, we could just fit through!
Basic but clean sanitary facilities, kitchen, Wifi, supply and disposal.
The owner was not present, but we could arrange everything on the phone, they were very nice & helpful!

2.) SURDEŞTi, CARPARK at  Biserica de lemn Sfintii Arhangheli Mihail si Gavriil


Surdeşti, N 47° 35′ 49.23″ E 23° 45′ 51.98″

Price 05/2016: free of charge

Carpark for visitors of the church.
On Sunday morning there were a lot of church-goers.
During the rest of the time we were alone and it was very quiet.
They are building an information-center at the moment. At present no toilets


DSCF8209 Kopieberbeitet-NM-7014 KopieIMG_7012 Kopie

Breb, 149, N 47° 44’ 46,303″ E 23° 53’ 37.609″
Telefon: +40(0)262374717 or +40(0)768397339
Price 05/2016: 13,50€ with electricity.

TIPP!!! Our personal favorite in Romania!! In the heart of Maramureş a young dutch couple has created a hostel with adjacent campsite on the grounds of a former farmhouse.
With love of detail, surrounded by fields, meadows and hills in the delightful village of Breb!
Although there is not a lot of even ground, you’ll find a nice spot!
Wonderful place for a little chill-out!
Clean sanitary facilities, Wifi, supply of water.
Access over narrow gravelroad,  partly steep and probably not suitable for vans longer than 6m or mobile-homes.

DSCF8189 Kopie



Bârsana, N 47° 47′ 36.14677″  E 24° 5′ 31.11145“, 

Price 05/2016: free of charge

Below the monastery complex, after passing the gate by the road there is a large pebble-square, that probably in summer is used as carpark for buses.
We have been the only car and it wasn’t a problem to spend the night.
It was quiet except for the crying of the peacocks, that are kept up in the monastery.
Not a lot of flat grounds. During the day there are some kiosks and open toilets.


Gara CFF Vișeu de Sus, N 47° 42’ 53“  E 24° 26’  35“

Price 06/2016: 10€ with electricity

Large supervised carpark at the Mocanita with decent sanitary facilities and supply of water.
If you plan to take the train it’s a good choice for 1-2 nights.
Ca. 15min walk to the center of Vișeu de Sus.



DN18, Prislop PaSS, N 47° 36′ 44.867″ E 24° 50′ 15.356″

Coming from Borșa on the DN18 direction Pasul Prislop.
Almost on the top, after a left-hand bend on the right side there is a flat, relatively large holding-bay with a sign „Loc Pentru Popas“ with a picknick-table.
At sunset walk up the hill on the other side to the edge of the woods and you’re gonna be rewarded by a magnificent view!!!


1.) DURǍU, Carpark at the beginning of the  HIKINGTRAILS TO CEAHLǍU MASSIV

Durău, N 46° 59’ 56.1“ E 25° 55’ 57.8“

Ideal as starting point from Durău to the  Ceahlău Massiv.
Improvised holding bay/carpark on the left side in the course of road 155F coming from Durău.
Attention, there are 2 gateways!
In May 2016 on a week-end there were no more than 2 other parked cars.
We spent 2 nights parking sideways and it was quiet and trouble-free. Village in walking-distance.



Sovata, St. Principala 129/A
Telefon: + 40 265 570 902
Mobile: + 40 745 325 030
Price 05/2016: 15€ with electricity

Well-kept, pretty campsite with clean and spacious sanitary facilities, supply and disposal, kitchen, Wifi.
Pleasant and kind owners. One of the excellent sites!


Telefon: 0040-745-930945
Price 05/2016: 15€ with electricity, every 3. night for free

Spacious campsite, partly with trees. Sanitary facilities were cleaned so-and-so. Everything was a little run-down and neglected.
Washing machine, Bar/Restaurant, Wifi only near reception.
Official  times of the reception only 8-10 am and 8-10pm but you couldn’t be sure to find someone during that time.
About 20km from Cluj-Napoca (ca. 15€ by taxi one-way), complicated and time-consuming by public transport,with your own vehicle you are only allowed to enter till 11pm.
But as there are no better alternatives, apart from spending the night parked somewhere in the city (e.g. near the Arena or Strada Gavrila Musiescu on the opposite side of the river) it is probably the best solution.

3.) NEAR HUNEDOARA, HOLDING-BAY at the edge of the woods

Cincis-Cerna, N 45° 41′ 27.420″  E 22° 54′  23.220″

Between Hateg and Hunedoara on the 687A there is a small but relatively flat parking space at the turn-off to Cincis-Cerna.
After 11pm it was quiet, no more cars.
Depending on your engine there are several picnic-areas and meadows along the road that could serve to spend the night.



On the way between Călimănești und Brezoi,  N45° 17’ 23“ E 24° 18’ 0“ – N 45° 20’ 55“ E 24° 10’ 40“

Along the river „Alt“ between Călimănești in the South and Brezoi in the North there are several picnic-areas and a site at the river.
Coming from Călimănești after the Mănăstirea Cozia cross the river and take a left turn direction Mănăstirea Turnu.
Along the railway-line there are several picnic-areas until you end up in a dead-end. Quiet and nice.


Cisnădioara, Str. Pinului, N 45° 42‘ 18,0“ E 024° 06‘ 21,9“

Mobil: +40 741 – 74 66 89
Tel: +40 269 – 56 60 66
Tel: +40 269 – 58 95 05
Price 06/2016: 16€ with electricity

Pretty Campsite on a hill with clean sanitary facilities, supply and disposal, Wifi, washing machine.
Likeable owner-couple of german origin, helps you with questions, infos etc..
Excellent departure point for exploring the region around Sibiu.



Păltiniş, N 45° 40’ 54“ E 23° 56’ 45“

Along the 106N on the way to and from Păltiniş along the street there are several, partly spacious relatively flat holding-bays with a view. We chose the one with the above mentioned coordinates.
Beginning of june there was more or less no traffic, consequently quiet and relaxed.
Nearby there is a source of drinking-water with a sign.



If some of you happen to end up in the transsilvanian nowhere around the saxon villages south of  Sighișoara and you are already in despair because you cannot find a place for the night, we have a top-tip for you!!

At N 45° 56′ 51″ E 24° 57′ 7“ on a hill you will find a lonesome tree  and directly in front of it, or near the road the terrain is relatively flat and save. You will see trails of cars which you can follow up the hill….the trails happend to be a „road“. And if you do not identify the trails as the road they are you are gonna wake up in the morning by the passing cars or you are surrounded by a flock of sheep that just circumnavigate you!



Rupea, N 46° 02’ 17“ E 25° 12’ 41“
Price 06/2016: free of charge

The visitors parking of the castle can be used officially to spend the night.
It is even under surveillance and there are toilets. Follow the signposting for the castle.

9.) ON THE TRANSFǍGǍRǍŞAN if the road is closed


Transfăgărășan coming from the north, N 45° 39’ 36“ E 24° 35’ 48“

On the legendary Transfăgărășan, as known, there are several inofficial camping sites.
But as the road 2016 was closed till 01.07. we had to make the experience by gondola and hiking. You can find some suitable holding-bays along the open part of the road up to the Telecabina Bâlea Cascadă if you enter from the North via Oberkerz.
We parked at a suitable holding-bay with a garbage bin. Quiet and flat. It is not far from the gondola and to be honest, to experience the Transfăgărășan without cars was great, especially hiking along one of the well-marked trails!



Buşteni/ Valea Cerbului, z.B. N 45° 26’ 25“ E 25° 31’ 37“

Price 06/2016: depending on season and week-day 3€

In Valea Cerbului you will find an extensive community of romanian permanent campers with quite striktly staked out claims.
But there is still enough free space on the meadows along the river, where you can camp.
During the season and on week-ends there is a gate where you have to pay a small charge of 3€. We came during the week and the gate was open and free of charge.
Access via Buşteni direction Valea Cerbului. After the gate you can find a space of your choice.
And THE BEST THING is that you can see brown bears at dusk, looking for food in the trash-cans!!



Tulcea, N 45° 10′ 58.292“ E 28° 47′ 19.439″
Price 06/2016: Mo-Sa you pay per hour,  Sunday free of charge

If you wanna take off into the Delta from Tulcea it is not easy to find a place for your Campervan or mobile-home. As far as we know no campsites in and around the city.
A possible alternative is to spend the night before the tour on a parking lot about 10 minutes walk to the pier where most boats take off.  It even has spaces suitable for longer vehicles or you can use it sideways.
You’ll find it at Lacul Ciurperca with the fountain in Strada Inginer Ivanov Dumitru at the Hotel/Restaurant Insula.
We spent a saturday-night there what was not that comfortable because of a nearby club with loud electronic music audible till 5:00 am. Probably much better during the week.



Murighiol, N 45° 3’ 2“ E 29° 7’ 37“

You will find several official campsites at  Murighiol, but after having been chased by 2 headhunter-cars of Camping Andra that followed us along the way, stopped us and quite aggressively tried to pull us into their site, we were po’d and fortunately found that place.
Shortly before the city-limits of Murighiol coming from Tulcea on the left side you can see some picnic-tables at Lacul Pietrei. Not a lot of flat space, but sufficient for a one-night stop.
We saw a campervan on the other side off the lake, you can follow a path to the left directly after the lake.
But you shouldn’t consider fishing!!! It is prohibited without permit! We have been visited by one of the fisher-men twice, with the question if we came here for fishing!? No! We are not….




Corbu, ca. N 44° 23’ 10“ E 28° 43’ 20“

ATTENTION! We came here because we read in our german WoMo-Reihe travelguide that there was a lot of free space for camping directly on the beach and that it was officially permitted! Well,  we did spend a night….

The beach is situated in the biosphere reserve of Danube Delta and camping is not or no longer allowed.
The kiosk-guy on the beach told us that spending one night probably wouldn’t be a problem, but that there happen to be regular inspections even with fines!
The only direct access to the beach that doesn’t end in a closed gate (it’s the first when you come along the road from Corbu) was on the limit, corrugated road and after the rain we’ve had partly muddy.
The drive-way along the beach that was described in the travel-guide can be used only by 4×4, heavily silted up and ends at several ditches. We got stuck in the sand directly at the entrance to the beach!
Otherwise the place would be great and after the rescue operation with 5 helpful romanian guys  we spent a good night there!
If you’re adventurous or own a 4WD it’s a great option, unless these inspections exist…



2.Mai, N 43° 46’ 48“ E 28° 24’ 51“

Some kilometers before you reach the bulgarian boarder between two small bays on the southern outskirts of 2. Mai you’ll find a parking lot in front of restaurant Micul Golf (you can ask them for their Wifi password).Flat parking lot with gravel and garbage cans. Off-season and during week-days it shouldn’t be a problem to spend some days.
We spent 3 days. On friday they asked us courteously if we could park a little bit further down the parking lot, so that there was more space for their paying guests.
I think if you ask them or have lunch/dinner in the restaurant they will let you use their toilets. 5 min by car to Vama Veche, 15 min by bike.

If you have any further questions or need more advice, do not hesitate to contact us!

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