Albania – Partnering country at the tourism exhibition CMT 2017 in Stuttgart

Albania – Partnering country at the tourism exhibition CMT 2017 in Stuttgart


Albania – one of the last white pages in the travel diary of Europe, which is however increasingly filled with stories!

The country, which has already been hauled into the must-visit top ten countries by guide-book giant Lonely Planet in 2011, is this year’s partner country at the tourism and caravaning trade fair CMT 2017 in Stuttgart.

During our trip through Europe in the late summer 2016 we’ve also visited the country for 3 weeks and have found beside a lot of hospitality, wonderful landscapes and great coastal sections and as well got to know lots of interesting facts about culture and history! And many of the widespread prejudices about the small country in the south of Europe can definitely not be confirmed …

Matching our visit to the CMT, where we have also met some representatives of the Albanian tourism, we launch our series on Albania today!

The country, that until the beginning of the 1990s has been the most secluded in whole Europe and suffered under the austere dictatorship of Enver Hoxha with few connections to the outside, has recorded an increasing number of visitors in the last decade.

And in our opinion this is not surprising!

Ranging from wild, still largely unspoiled mountain landscapes in the northern Albanian Alps (which are on our agenda for the nest trip), to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites Butrint, Berat and Gjirokastra, 15 national parks and to the partly still solitary beaches at the turquoise Mediterranean, which form the Albanian Riviera, the country has everything you wish for as a traveler!

And everyone will find something to its taste! Whether you are on a self-guided backpacking tour, prefer to stay in hotels, a camper, prefer an activity holiday or are a cultural traveler, the country has everything to offer: exciting hiking tours in the mountains covering more than 50% of the country, hip bars in Tirana, high quality local food, well-preserved cultural goods and clear seas to splash about along the over 300km of coast-line!
And the whole thing at very reasonable prices …

Today the country of Albania is a democracy, an open-minded country and a candidate for accession to the EU.
However, there are still some dark sides. Poverty, corruption, the high willingness of the population to leave the country in search of a more promising future, inadequate waste disposal, etc…

And those that still fear, the country could continue to be an unsafe travel destination, can be reassured. The Albanian writer Ismail Kadare once said about the Albanian hospitality: “The house of the Albanian belongs first to God and to the guest and then to its inhabitants”. And this feeling has also been conveyed to us during our trip!

More reports and information about Albania will follow in the next weeks … Stay tuned and subscribe to our NEWSLETTER  to stay up-to-date!