- A journey full of love and creativity -

We are 2 quite different souls.

One is straight in his endeavors to follow the path his one, big passion music leads him. Music as a lifestyle, loving it, living it with the knowledge that music is one of the best means to fill people with joy and empower them. After only a few years as a management assistant he chose his passion as a job living as freelance-musician.

The other one always having been interested in a multitude of subjects, constantly searching for a way to reconcile all her interests. After studying literature & languages she had a career in medicine living a life that was ruled by lots of external necessities.



Finally the desire to live by our own time management,

to explore a different life-style and the world for a change of perspectives

and the wish to create free time for creative work led us to quit our jobs, sublet our flat, mount a campervan and start our journey as LOVE // CREATE // TRAVEL


  • Davide

    Son of italo-spanish immigrants, born and raised in Germany always had his roots in different cultures. One big passion: music. Plays different instruments, with his favorite being the guitar. Doesn’t like to be stereotyped and feels comfortable in many musical styles. Recently found a new field of interest: video. He’s the chief-trucker, head of music, technician and responsible for messing around and keeping the moods happy and funny!
  • Julia

    Swabian girl with an inherent desire to travel. Loves to learn new things and to share them with the world. Give her a book and you won’t hear a lot of her in the next few hours. Interested in photography, science of nearly every field, literature, arts, music, healthy living, yoga and what the world has to offer. She’s the photographer, navigator, tour-planer and minister of finance!