When there is no LOVE, than there is no peace, there is no food, and there are no children. There is no creativity and no art, there are no songs, no laughter and no celebrations.

When there is no LOVE, than there is no joy, there are no journeys, there are no mountains, no sun, no sea.

When there is no LOVE, than there is no freedom, there is no silence, there is no fortune and no fulfillment.

What matters most is LOVE for all beings, our planet, our universe and LOVE for yourself!

We would love to share our thoughts ands feelings concerning e.g. social, ecological, spiritual, personal and health issues.

Everything that stimulates our minds.

As different these subjects may be….they are all

Matters close to our hearts!

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Love//Create//Travel – Weekly-Review (No 7)

Love//Create//Travel – Weekly-Review (No 6)

This week we've been to breathtaking Granada, the beautiful Pueblos Blancos and the very special rocks of El Torcal.

Love//Create//Travel – Weekly-Review (No 5)

After a short stop in Germany we're back on the road and heading to Andalucia. Here we go with some impressions...

Love//Create//Travel – Weekly-Review (No 4)

Here is a quick review from our last week of the year 2016. We had a great time at stunning Cinque Terre and an unforgettable new years eve in wonderful venice. Have a look...

Love//Create//Travel – Weekly-Review (No 3)

We've just arrived in wonderful Liguria for a little Christmas rest. We saw the stunning marble quarries in Carrara, tasted the delicious Lardo in Colonnata and took a hike through the delightful paths in 5 Terre.

Love // Create // Travel – Weekly-Review (No 2)

Here we are again. This time from beautiful Florence. This week was larded with art, culture aaaaand of course the finest Tuscan food. Buon appetito ...

Love//Create//Travel – Weekly-Review (No 1)

Here we've got some impressions of our last week for you. We were on the move in beautiful Tuscany and have pampered ourselves with fine food and the best wine of the region. Tuscany is a MUST for every gourmet.

The music of the Roma

Eastern Europe has a very long and versatile history of music. To be precise it has one of the oldest and most multifaceted music traditions of our time. One of many musical developments of Eastern Europe that fascinate me the most, is the one of the Roma. Their history begins more than 1500 years ago, [...]

Cockchafer – a childhood memory

Shortly after we have crossed the boarder to the romanian county of Maramureş, a huge flying object bangs on our windscreen! Luckily undamaged it get’s over it, rearranges his legs and antennas, stretches its wings and takes off like a big and heavy blimp, that hangs vertical in its flight. It is a cockchafer!! Must [...]