A „brief“ history of…. Bulgaria

First thing, the present: Official language of today’s Bulgaria is Bulgarian, the standard language is written in the Bulgarian Version of Cyrillic. The country has about 7.2 Millionen inhabitants of which 2011 84,8% were Bulgarians, 8,8% Turkish and according to official Bulgarian counts 4,9% Roma. Estimations of the European Parliament, however, speak of 12% Roma!! [...]

Camping in Bulgaria

    For all the campers and mobil-home drivers, here we go with the information about camping in Bulgaria in general, tips for free pitches and campsites that we used on our trip (in order of touristic regions) and our experience with them. We stick to our own experience and observations, as you can find general [...]

Hiking Mt. Musala – Highest peak of the Balkans

„Hiking is an activity of your legs – and a condition of the soul.“ Josef Hofmiller I can’t remember when I first stumbled over the name Mt. Musala, but somehow this name tantalized me  from the very first! I love hiking, but you cannot call me a big alpinist or peak-collector. It’s more about the […]