Thessaly and Central Greece – Monasteries, mountains and everything is sooo green!!

After we’ve said good-bye to our friends with a heavy heart, we continued our trip further into the incredibly diverse center of Greece … As our Trip to Hellas came a bit surprising as we canceled our plans to visit Turkey next by short notice after the military coup in July 2016,  our research about [...]

Peloponnese – heaps of history, mountains & crystal-clear sea…

THE PELOPONNESE! Many ancient heroe’s tales have their real origin in the Peloponnese. The story of the beautiful Helena, who was kidnapped by Paris and the legendary Agamemnon, who therefore went to war against Troy. The heroic Spartans and their very own social order and, of course, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. And the very [...]

Athens – A lot more than antiquity!!

Athens!! Acropolis, ancient gods, the birthplace of democracy... everything you (or at least most of us!) associate initially with Athens is connected to myths and stories from ancient times, the heyday of Athens. And indeed, today's modern city is of course inseparable from these terms. But around it a vibrant, exciting metropolis with around 3.5 [...]

Camping in Greece

For all the campers and mobil-home drivers, here we go with the information about camping in Greece in general, tips for free pitches and campsites that we used on our trip (in order of touristic regions) and our experience with them. We stick to our own experience and observations, as you can find general information [...]