Romania – Transylvania, wild mountains and unspoiled villages

After our contradictory encounters with the various Romanian Roma and the visit of such unbelievably different cities as the modern, hip Cluj-Napoca and the crazy, post-communist Hunedoara, we once again moved into the mountains. If you missed the first part of Transylvania's history, you should definitely have a look at it here ... And the [...]

Romania – A first encounter with Transylvania and it’s Tzigani

Transylvania, which means “the land behind the woods”! Isn’t it a fact, that for many of us this name is linked to something, that is only a myth? A vampire story invented in the 19th century by an Englishman, who had never visited the country, using as a model for the creation of his figure […]

Romania – Maramureş, Bucovina & Moldova

I start getting edgy already 100 km before we reach the boarder between Hungary and Romania.  Finally we’re on our way to Romania!! A country that has inspired my travel-phantasies for years. And even though I have do not have an accurate idea of what to expect…only that it is said to be a scenic […]

A “brief” history of …. Romania

First thing, the present: Official language of today’s Romania is Romanian. The one and only language of Eastern Europe with romanic roots and still some quite unspoiled latin words. Owing to the strongly heterogeneous  population (according to assessments of 2011 ca. 89% Romanians, 6,5% Hungarians, 3,3% Roma, 0,2% of german origin) in some areas the […]

Camping in Romania

For all the campers and mobil-home drivers, here we go with the information about camping in Romania in general, tips for free pitches and campsites that we used on our trip (in order of touristic regions) and our experience with them. We stick to our own experience and observations, as you can find general information [...]